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From a security perspective, we need to represent a unified front. We have to share with each other while managing corporate risk. TruSTAR makes that possible.
Brian Kelly - CISO, Rackspace
Brian KellyCISO, Rackspace

Minimize Risk, Maximize Value

Anonymous Report
Anonymous Reporting

Our anonymization technology preserves your privacy and gives you the freedom to share and collaborate without exposing your company to market risk. Our platform provides members provably anonymous report submission (even to us) through its patent-pending authentication protocol.

Correlated Insights
Correlated Insights

After anonymously submitting a report to TruSTAR, it is immediately correlated with dozens of relevant data sources - including reports from other members, open source feeds, and leading third-party threat intelligence providers. This greatly enriches your submissions with actionable context, allowing you to piece together more of the threat response puzzle.

Confidential Collaboration

Leverage knowledge from across the network of security operators with our integrated, end-to-end encrypted chat tool designed to drive to mitigations fast. This allows you to collaborate in real-time with other security analysts confidentially about the threats that really matter.

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Cybersecurity Information Sharing for Executives

It is not about threat intelligence. It is about incident exchange and collaboration.

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The TruSTAR Difference

Cyber attackers have been working together for decades.

It’s time to take back the high ground.

We recognize that timeliness in collaboration and information sharing is critical. In order to share the most important attack information early enough in the incident response cycle for it to matter, we have to reduce your corporate risk.

How do we remove the risk from collaboration? The answer is anonymity. We've developed an anonymous sharing protocol and privacy-preserving redaction tools to allow community members to collaborate without disclosing any attributable information.

When you collaborate on our platform not even we can identify you.

BUT, minimizing risk is not enough, we have to provide maximum value return on collaboration. So, when you join TruSTAR you immediately see filtered, relevant insights from:

  • Real incident data submitted by other vetted members of the TruSTAR network
  • Open source RSS feeds like SANS ISC, MDL, and dozens more
  • External intelligence providers like VirusTotal, Facebook ThreatExchange, and Team Cymru

Join the global, vetted community

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The benefits of stronger cooperation on cyber threats are well understood and that’s why TruSTAR’s vision of connective defense must become the reality.
Richard Clarke - Former White House Cyber Security Advisor
Richard ClarkeFormer White House Cyber Security Advisor

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