Intelligence Management Starts From Within

The highest-fidelity intelligence is what’s already captured within the four walls of your organization. TruSTAR breaks down silos across tools and teams to surface the most relevant data, helping you speed investigation and response times.

Platform Overview

Enrichment At Your Fingertips

Analyst cycles are too precious to waste time copy-pasting data across tools and tabs or waiting for transforms to load. TruSTAR brings it all together with a market-leading graph interface to guide your pivots in a central, analyst-optimized experience.



Enclaves Make Intelligence Management Easy 

TruSTAR's Enclave architecture helps analyst teams fuse internal data (SIEM, Case Management, Fraud) with external intelligence sources (commercial feeds and OSINT) to shorten the investigative workflow.

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We Integrate With Your Favorite Security Tools To Create Seamless Workflows

TruSTAR helps you operationalize intelligence into your workflow by integrating with the best SIEM, case management, ticketing, and orchestration tools.

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We integrate with Jira, Servicenow, Splunk, Arcsight, Phantom, VirusTotal, Digital Shadows, Crowdstrike, and more

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