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The first global anonymous cyber incident
sharing platform for enterprises
The first global anonymous cyber incident sharing platform for enterprises.

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Anonymous Incident Sharing Technology




The client-side TruSTAR Agent allows enterprises to automatically redact and encrypt attributable information in cyber incident reports.

Anonymous Authentication

Anonymized Report

Anonymized incident reports are transmitted to TruSTAR via a patent-pending anonymous authentication protocol that ensures your reports remain anonymous.



The Station provides users access to incident information correlated with other previously shared incident reports, open source information, and real-time discussion threads.

Incident Inbox

Users set the preferences of their Incident Inbox to ensure those incidents that are most relevant to them are prioritized.


Users can collaborate within Pulsar in real-time with security operators from across the TruSTAR network.


The TruSTAR Responder team facilitates connections and provides additional analysis of incident information.


Orion gathers information from across all corners of the web in an easily searchable and filterable user interface.

Share – Collaborate – Mitigate

Our members do more than just share data.
They pool expertise, collaborate on response, and speed time to mitigation.

TruSTAR Advantage

Anonymous Sharing

TruSTAR's advanced technology addresses corporate resistance to sharing early in an incident by given members verifiable anonymity

Incident Focus

Incident reports are generated in seconds through TruSTAR's web-based application by member security analysts and focus on incidents, not false positives

Advanced Correlation

Our algorithms provide near real-time correlation with other shared incident reports from members providing both the sharer and other members immediate value


Members are alerted to incident reports based upon their individual user preferences

Collaborative Investigation and Mitigation

TruSTAR members can securely communicate with each other to collaborate on defense and mitigation strategies.

Borderless Vetted Community

TruSTAR is the only vendor-, government-, and sector-agnostic platform built for borderless sharing by vetted members.

The power of TruSTAR begins within moments of an incident...





Incident Logged

John Smith, X-Energy Co
John discovers that a phishing attack on one of X-Energy Co's employees has led to malware on their corporate network. He creates a report using any existing internal reporting system or TruSTAR Report form.

Incident Report Assist

Incident Anonymized

John Smith, X-Energy Co
John uses the TruSTAR Agent to quickly anonymize and share his incident report.

TruSTAR Agent

Incident Available in Station

TruSTAR Incident Inbox
The TruSTAR network now has access to John’s report via the TruSTAR Station. John’s report is immediately correlated with all other incident reports – helping everyone, including John, understand valuable context.

Incident Inbox
TruSTAR Pulsar
All TruSTAR members can open new discussions or join existing discussions to collaborate on a report or a particular trend – including with the TruSTAR Responder team.

TruSTAR Orion
TruSTAR members can also use Orion to monitor open-source feeds and other relevant information about incidents and trends.


Be a part of our trusted global network of vetted members

Many Sectors

Our enterprise plans cater to companies of all sizes and sectors.

I want to test drive TruSTAR.
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