Blog TruSTAR’s New Chat Feature Helps You Collaborate with Peers Faster

TruSTAR’s New Chat Feature Helps You Collaborate with Peers Faster

You asked and we listened. Today we’re launching a complete revamp of TruSTAR Chat, which is now equipped to let you communicate within Private Enclaves as well as the wider TruSTAR Community.

Here’s are some quick FAQ to get you up and running.

Want to go straight to the chat tour? Click here and you’ll automatically be prompted for a tour.


What is TruSTAR Chat?

TruSTAR Chat is the rollout of our secure, real-time messaging capability. You’ve always had the ability to see correlated reports, and now we have the piping in place to connect individual users within and between organizations.

You can use chat to anonymously connect with collaborators within a private Enclave on a trend you are seeing, or analyze and discuss threats with other operators. After all, the bad guys have been using anonymous Internet Relay Chat (IRC) for decades, shouldn’t we consider doing the same?

How will Chat help me use TruSTAR better?

Our product engineers are big fans of services like Slack, Hipchat and Facebook Workplace because they make collaboration fun and seamless. As you look to streamline your intelligence workflow Chat can help you discover and share findings on emerging threats with peers in your Private Enclaves and Community.

What are the most common scenarios I should use chat for?

These are the most common scenarios we envision for chat:

  1. Real-Time Collaboration — You’re investigating an urgent threat and you want to streamline analysis with other members of your SOC.
  2. Save Time — You’re about to go digging on a suspicious actor, and you query your collaborators to see if anyone else has been seeing funky network behavior.
  3. Look Out! — Heads up that my team has started to track this user group. You might want to too.

How do I know if I’m using Enclave or Community Chat?

When you select the chat box from the menu, the chat channel will be labeled at the top. It will either say Community or display the specific Enclaves that you are a part of. You can toggle between chat groups by clicking on the “Channels” button.

Will I have the same username on Enclave and Community Chat?

Yes. When selecting a username, we recommend selecting an anonymous alias that will not reveal the organization you work for.

Will Chat also serve as a product support channel?

No. Please email for any product support needs.

Interested in learning more? Check out our chat product tour and set-up a private demo to get your team up to speed.


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