Blog New Tagging System for Private Enclaves

New Tagging System for Private Enclaves

At TruSTAR we’re constantly working with our SOC team users to gather feedback about how to make our product better.

Today we’re introducing Enclave Tags, a new tagging feature specifically designed for Private Enclave users who are often working cases across different shifts, teams, and time zones.

Streamline Analysis Workflow

Continuity of incident analysis can be challenging for security operator teams consisting of multiple members, as they have to ensure the appropriate information is captured with Incident Reports. With Enclave Tags, operators can share specific TruSTAR reports more easily by categorizing them based on internal naming schemes, such as department names, internal SOC team naming conventions, or ticket numbers. This custom tagging feature reduces redundant workflow and saves time among operator teams.

Increase Searchability

For Private Enclave power users, the number of reports of interest on the TruSTAR platform can get quite large. Custom Enclave Tags will help you find and categorize reports faster. You can sort cases by tags to discover patterns more easily, track specific incidents, or perform audits.


What’s the difference between Enclave Tags and Categories?

Enclave Tags and Categories exist on different parts of the TruSTAR platform. Essentially, Enclave tags are private, while Categories are public and available to the wider TruSTAR community.

You can add Enclave Tags to any report on the TruSTAR platform and these will only be visible to members belonging to that Enclave.

You’re only prompted to create Categories when you submit a report to the TruSTAR Community. Categories are publicly searchable tags that you select when you create and submit a new report. You can read more about Categories here.

Are Enclave Tags visible to everyone?

No, Enclave Tags are only visible to other members within your Private Enclave.

How To Create an Enclave Tag

Step 1: Pull up any incident and select the Manage button.

Step 2: Enter a new Enclave Tag name, or select an existing tag from the drop-down list of custom Enclave Tags.

Step 3: You will now see all selected Enclave Tags on your report details panel.

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