Blog TruSTAR & R-CISC Working Together to Perfect Retail’s "Cyber Secret Weapon"

TruSTAR & R-CISC Working Together to Perfect Retail’s "Cyber Secret Weapon"

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TruSTAR is proud to be recognized as the “Cyber Secret Weapon” behind R-CISC's new threat intelligence sharing platform, as reported in Retail Leader.

Last week at the annual Retail Cyber Intelligence Summit in Chicago, R-CISC announced a new technology platform for their Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC). With the help of TruSTAR, R-CISC now supports a more automated method of ingesting data shared by members to more quickly share threat insights with members.

“We are working on the various barriers to information sharing,” said Suzie Squier, Executive Director of the Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center (R-CISC) in the article. “Adding TruSTAR as a threat intelligence partner brings the R-CISC one step further in our strategic initiative to expand the capabilities of the Retail ISAC’s technology infrastructure. “The R-CISC is breaking down barriers to information sharing and increasing the usability of actionable intelligence available for our users, allowing them to more easily ingest, act and mitigate cyber threats.”

Read the full write-up on Retail Leader here.

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