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Blog TruSTAR in WSJ: The C-Suite as Prime Target for Cyberattacks

TruSTAR in WSJ: The C-Suite as Prime Target for Cyberattacks

Executives are prime targets for hackers looking for access to valuable information and influence. So what are companies doing to train their officers to stay safe? And what should they be doing?

Last week TruSTAR co-founder Patrick Coughlin sat down with The Wall Street Journal’s Kimberly S. Johnson and Aon's Cybersecurity SVP James Trainor to discuss why the C-Suite is often a primary target for phishing attacks from hackers who are looking to steal corporate intelligence.


 When asked about what TruSTAR is seeing in terms of phishing campaigns targeted against the C-Suite, we recommend a proactive approach.

"We’ve seen [targeted phishing scams] across the board from Fortune 500 to startups," said Patrick Coughlin, Co-Founder of TruSTAR. "The key thing is talking to financial directors about what they should do when they see a suspicious email. There is often a bit of 'scare people into submission' or we make them think they’re stupid if they would even respond to something like this. We’ve got to flip that discussion and talk about it more in terms of, when you do receive this kind of an email, when you do accidentally click on a malicious attachment, what do you do?"

Read the full article in Wall Street Journal here.

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