Blog Dashboard UI: Launching the New TruSTAR Experience

Dashboard UI: Launching the New TruSTAR Experience

Welcome to your new TruSTAR experience!


We’re building a better TruSTAR that’s more user-centric and intuitive. Our new UI makes it easier for you manage integrations and investigate threats faster. Plus, we’re launching a Beta version of TruSTAR Marketplace, your new one-stop destination to add new intelligence sources into your Enclaves.

Designed With You in Mind

The pressures of everyday cybersecurity operations are increasing, along with the variety of tasks analysts must undertake. The goal of this UI revamp is to help you focus on the task at hand while having quick access to the full potential of TruSTAR’s platform. Whether you’re a SOC manager, a threat intelligence analyst, a threat hunter, or a unicorn wearing all those hats, this revamp will point you to the most relevant intel faster and let you stay focused on the task at hand.

The First Step of a Larger Plan

There is no point denying the obvious—cybersecurity is always evolving, and we have outgrown our old interface and user experience. We needed a scalable way to keep up with the changing nature of our user’s everyday tasks. We will be releasing more analyst-focused capabilities in the upcoming months and today’s release sets the groundwork for you to benefit from those changes without having your workflow disrupted.

TruSTAR Marketplace – More Data, Minus the Deluge

Sophisticated threat intelligence operations require integrating data from multiple sources of intelligence. With the Beta release of Marketplace, you will now have easy access to a variety of intelligence sources (see full list here), and a new portal for managing these data sources. Our ultimate end goal is to help you reduce data clutter easily and identify which sources benefit you the most.

Now Let’s Step Through the Changes…

Report Lists and Graph Analysis Now Have Their Own Screens

Visual analysis is central to threat incident investigations, but we realized that by showing you multiple screens at the same time we were making it hard to focus on the task at hand. Now we have dedicated screens for viewing reports (Explore) and analyzing graph visualizations (Analysis).


The Explore screen lets you easily navigate through the latest reports and instantly access meta information like the number of IOCs extracted, excerpts of report content, correlation counts, time of submission, and other relevant high-level information. All results are sorted in chronological order, and there are new filters to help you refine your search results based on all available sources for enrichment and tags.


When you click on a report of interest you will be taken to the Analysis screen with link analysis visualization. To reduce distraction, our link analysis visualizations now have their own panel with updated controls. You can drill down on analyses, filter out irrelevant nodes, add notes or tags and adjust the timeline of correlations based on your requirements—all within a single panel.

Marketplace (Beta) to Easily Manage your Open Source and Closed Source Intelligence  

Using TruSTAR’s Marketplace (Beta) feature you can now easily access third-party intelligence sources in a dedicated section of the platform. The Marketplace streamlines management of open and closed source intelligence by allowing you to easily subscribe to new sources or unsubscribe from sources that are no longer relevant to your team. 


To access Marketplace, click on Explore and you will see the Marketplace menu item in the list on the left.

Marketplace replaces the Managed Integrations panel and is visible to all users, but you need to be a Company Administrator to subscribe or unsubscribe to an intelligence source on behalf of your company.  After you complete the process the source will be available to (or removed for) all users in your company. 

Most of the intelligence sources on Marketplace will be available immediately upon subscription, but certain paid and proprietary intelligence sources will only be available after validation of API keys and credentials. You can check the status of your data sources in the Pending list under Marketplace. We will keep adding new sources to the Marketplace. Definitely let us know if we are missing the ones that you use every day.

More In Store for 2018

Over the next few months we will be releasing features to make link analysis in our graph visualizations even more interactive and customizable. We’ll also be deploying new machine learning models to surface more relevant insights from your data. Stay tuned for more feature updates soon.

We Want Your Feedback!

We love doing what we do because of you – our users. Your feedback is a primary source of inspiration for us, so please give the new look a try and let us know what is working and where we can make improvements. We look forward to hearing from you.

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