Blog Dark Reading Threat Dashboard: Cyber-Enabled Fraud

Dark Reading Threat Dashboard: Cyber-Enabled Fraud

How One Company’s Cybersecurity Problem Can Become Another's Fraud Problem is the fourth post of a threat intelligence dashboard series developed by TruSTAR and Dark Reading. The full analysis is hosted on Dark Reading.

Fraud isn’t something new or something that only happens on the Internet. Identity theft has been around for decades. What has changed is HOW fraud is executed; not only are individuals targeted, but now entire companies can become targets for fraud. For example, what are phishing sites masquerading as a legit websites if not an attempt at counterfeiting the identity of that company?

TruSTAR defines “cyber-enabled fraud” as fraud that is facilitated through the use of malware exploits, social engineering, and/or lateral movement through a compromised website, network or account. Note that all there of these can be, and many times are, used in conjunctions with one another.

To help you investigate this trend further on your own, we’ve provided a .txt file of curated IOCs that have been tried to both cyber and fraud campaigns we have observed on TruSTAR’s threat intelligence platform.

If you have any questions about this research, don’t hesitate to send our Data Science Unit a note via

Download Cyber-Enabled Fraud IOCs

Thanks for reading and happy hunting.

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