Blog Enrich Your Data With Independent Threat Intelligence Research

Enrich Your Data With Independent Threat Intelligence Research

TruSTAR is a product built by analysts, for analysts. Back in our SOC days, we checked-in with influencers in our field whenever we had an indicator to validate and enrich IOCs. Today we're excited to announce we're bringing intel researchers to you in the platform through a new category on Marketplace called Intel Research.


What Is It?

Unique from OSINT and paid feeds, our Intel Researchers tab is where you can subscribe to exclusive reports from independent cybersecurity researchers from around the globe. We’ve curated some of the top independent researchers in malware analysis and their intel reports are now accessible, right in your TruSTAR Enclave.

Who Are These Researchers, You Ask?

@MalwareTrafficAnalysis@Avman1995, and many others are just the beginning of a rapidly growing Intel Research community. Their research has helped TruSTAR and more importantly, our customers and users, to solve cases faster with much-needed enriched intel. All researchers have profile descriptions and links to their Twitter accounts so that you can learn more.

Enrichment Case Study

Here's an enrichment example from IT-ISAC's Enclave on TruSTAR tying IT-ISAC data to Ursnif, Trickbot, Emotet, and RigEK malware families.
Correlating independent threat intelligence research data with ISAC data has allowed IT-ISAC members to immediately pivot into rich, directly-correlated information based on what was previously known by others in the community. In many cases, independent analysts are seeing things before anyone else, have more context, and as a group are self-correcting in threat identification.


Explore Your New Data

TruSTAR users are automatically subscribed to our Intel Researcher community. To manage your subscriptions or to learn more about each Researcher, head to TruSTAR Marketplace and click on the Intel Researchers tab. 


Will You Be Adding More Researchers to Marketplace?

Yes! This is just the beginning of TruSTAR’s work with the independent research community and we have more exciting announcements to come.

We’ll be posting regular updates to our blog as we bring on new researchers. Subscribe in the righthand sidebar to stay up to date.

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