Blog How TruSTAR Helps the LACL Operationalize COVID-Related Cyber Crime

How TruSTAR Helps the LACL Operationalize COVID-Related Cyber Crime

Adversaries are exploiting the global Coronavirus pandemic, flooding enterprises and consumers alike with COVID-19-related phishing scams. Since the pandemic broke, TruSTAR has seen a major uptick in the number of suspicious emails submitted to the Cyber Lab.

With our pattern of life shifting in the enterprise, organization, public sector and private sectors alike, defenses have had to retrench and recalibrate around a new normal. We sat down with Chris Covino, Policy Director for Cybersecurity for the City of LA, and Daniel Clark, Threat Analyst for the City of LA to discuss threat trends in the age of COVID and how to utilize the TruSTAR platform for COVID-related threat intel sharing.

As a member of LA CyberLab you receive FREE access to TruSTAR's Intelligence Management platform and COVID-19 OSINT Project, which hosts vetted COVID-19 TLP White intelligence, curated by IBM X-Force IRIS, BAE Systems, AT&T AlienLabs, Intel471, CTI League, and more.

During this training, LACL members will learn how to:

  • Forward to suspicious emails via TruSTAR's Enclave Inbox, helping you automatically ingest, normalize, and enrich suspicious emails with relevant intelligence.
  • Enrich and investigate reports with OSINT and Premium Intelligence sources, including our curated COVID-19 dataset.
  • Share and track observables related to COVID-19 exploits with LA Cyber Lab peers.

To view the full webinar recording, click here.

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