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Our Next Step

Today is a huge step for TruSTAR. Almost seven years ago, we started on a journey to break down the silos around security intelligence to help cyber defender teams better integrate, automate and collaborate in the Cloud.

Early TruSTAR pitch deck circa 2014 

Along the way, we brought to market an industry-leading platform that is built on the following core principles and key differentiators:

  • Cloud-native: TruSTAR Enclaves are now the de facto way that enterprises, managed security providers, and ISAC/ISAO organizations seamlessly share intelligence while preserving privacy and governance.
  • Data-centric: TruSTAR Intel Workflows are the industry’s first no-code solution to creating data pipelines that automatically transform and curate intelligence to make it actionable for automation.
  • API-first: We bucked the trend of providing another portal, UI or tool, and instead designed and built for a world-class API that delivers normalized intelligence into an open ecosystem of integrations, in-workflow and on-demand. 

We’ve solidified these principles as we’ve listened to our users and our customers. We’re proud to be trusted to manage the most mission-critical intelligence for hundreds of organizations across the globe, including 30% of the Fortune 500.

Most importantly, we’ve been lucky enough to build a team that grew from a handful of folks meeting in coffee shops, to building a global, fully-remote team spread across the U.S. and Argentina. At TruSTAR, we take our customers very seriously, but not ourselves. This allows us to deliver excellence for our customers while making the work experience enjoyable for our employees. 

We couldn’t be more excited to join Splunk in its mission to bring data to every question, decision and action across your organization. Why are we so excited?

  1. Reaching the market where the mission matters the most - Splunk has thousands of customers all around the world who rely on their technology to make their business more resilient. This provides TruSTAR with an exciting opportunity to scale our mission to transform security intelligence to make it actionable for automation. 
  2. Accelerating an aligned product vision - Splunk is a pioneer in data-centric technology. The Splunk platform powers an industry-leading security, observability, and orchestration portfolio that augments and enriches our core principles and key differentiators for all customers. Splunk is excited to continue to invest in Enclaves, Intel Workflows and our growing ecosystem of integrations and partners.
  3. Working with an amazing team - Splunk prioritizes people and that is why it is consistently one of the top companies to work for in the world. But, we also had the pleasure of partnering with Splunk long before we joined them. So, we know first-hand that the amazing TruSTAR team will feel at home with Splunk’s people who are passionate about helping companies solve huge challenges by turning data into answers and action. 

These are the reasons why Paul, I and the TruSTAR board unanimously voted to support this acquisition. On a personal note, I want to thank Paul Kurtz for bringing me along on this crazy journey over the last seven years, and look forward to his continued help driving me and all of us forward with his vision and leadership as a part of Splunk. I’d also like to thank Dave Cullinane who served as an inspiration and evangelist for TruSTAR, and also chaired a group of committed, thoughtful and engaged advisors. We’re also sincerely grateful to our incredible investors that believed in us in the early days, and continued to invest as we grew - Storm Ventures, Acrew Ventures, Heavybit, and Resolute Ventures just to name a few - thank you for your support! 

Last, to the TruSTAR team, thank you for your commitment to this company, our customers and to each other. Thank you for taking your job seriously, but not yourselves, and making our work something we look forward to everyday. I can’t wait to go on this next step of our journey together. I’m confident that along with Splunk’s technology, amazing people and formidable presence in the market, we will achieve our mission faster than we ever thought possible.