Blog TruSTAR Industry Talks: Securing Digital Transformation with Qualys

TruSTAR Industry Talks: Securing Digital Transformation with Qualys

At RSA 2018, TruSTAR co-founder Patrick Coughlin had the opportunity to moderate a series of panels in partnership with The Wall Street Journal and Highwire PR. We sat down with some of the industry’s most interesting leaders in cybersecurity to discuss latest cybersecurity challenges their teams are working to solve. This is Part 3 of a 5-Part series highlighting these discussions.

As adversaries exploit the weaknesses of the good guys, we must continue fighting back. Artificial intelligence can prevent attacks, but some basic issues should be addressed first for all security efforts to function harmoniously.

TruSTAR sat down with Sumedh Thakar, Chief Product Officer at Qualys, to discuss the steps needed to help companies mature their security posture.

The following is an excerpt from this conversation. Full video below.

Patrick Coughlin, TruSTAR: How can the good guys leverage AI to keep up?

Sumedh Thakar, Qualys: Companies tend to project a heroic image by saying they’ll solve world hunger and other things. I think machine learning and artificial intelligence is based on collecting high-quality data. If you can collect high-quality data, you can leverage it to find trends and anomalies, which brings additional visibility to the enterprise to identify potential attacks or APTs. The best way to not get sick is to wash your hands. Patch your systems first and then you can move on to other things.

Patrick Coughlin, TruSTAR: Exactly. We work with many security teams who want to talk about threat intelligence, machine learning and artificial intelligence, but their biggest challenge was patch management and knowing what to patch.



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