Blog TruSTAR and CSA Partner on White Paper

TruSTAR and CSA Partner on White Paper

TruSTAR Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, Paul Kurtz, has been working closely with Jim Reavis, CEO, and John Yeoh, Global Vice President of Research, of the Cloud Security Alliance on their most recent white paper: Cloud-Based, Intelligent Ecosystems.

In this paper the authors, alongside many notable contributors, break down key areas in understanding the meaning of intelligence, the importance of fusing output from both internal security tools and threat feeds, enabling enterprises to focus on a pane of glass of their choice, and security business analytics.

With today’s enterprise security revolving around multiple tools and data wrangling, it often becomes untenable for security teams to keep up. This paper is focused on enabling executives and operators to more effectively leverage their tools as a system and take a data-centric approach to securing their environment. Read the white paper in full here.