Blog TruSTAR Intelligence Management Platform for Fast Incident Response

TruSTAR Intelligence Management Platform for Fast Incident Response

Fast Incident Response (FIR) is a cybersecurity platform designed with agility and speed in mind, allowing for easy creation, tracking, and reporting of cybersecurity incidents.

TruSTAR has developed a bi-directional integration with FIR to accelerate the investigation and dissemination of cybersecurity incidents. Since FIR is an open source tool, it’s ideal for SOC teams working with a minimal budget.

FIR communicates bi-directionally through HTTP/HTTPS and leverages TruSTAR’s own REST APIs. When a newly created FIR Event or Incident is submitted, a TruSTAR Report is automatically saved in TruSTAR with the artifacts submitted as Extracted indicators. 

Once subscribed to intel sources through TruSTAR, and if observables are found from subscribed sources, there is a wealth of contextual information provided back in a custom lookup table in the FIR incident. This contextual information provides analysts with a deeper look into what threats need to be investigated first or shared to trusted partners like ISACs and ISAOs for awareness.

This integration is expertly designed to allow Analysts to follow through on investigations, disseminate with sharing groups, and to build a seamless workflow to tie into other tools. 

To learn more about what the TruSTAR for Fast Incident Response integration can do for you, check out the integration page or reach out to a TruSTAR team member at