Blog TruSTAR Joins the Open Cybersecurity Alliance

TruSTAR Joins the Open Cybersecurity Alliance

In our continued efforts to Defend Better Together, we’ve joined the Open Cybersecurity Alliance (OCA), an open source initiative with the goal to eliminate one-off integrations between cybersecurity products. OCA brings together vendors and end users into an open source ecosystem where products can interoperate using community-developed standards and practices to simplify integrations across the threat lifecycle — from threat hunting and detection to analytics, operations and response.

OCA is on a mission to make standards-based, interoperable cybersecurity a reality, aligning with TruSTAR’s mission to improve the efficiency of security operations and helps teams eliminate integration debt through Data-Centric Security Automation. Both TruSTAR and OCA are dedicated to improving security visibility and the ability to discover new insights that might otherwise go unseen, extracting more value from existing products and reducing vendor lock-in, and connecting data and sharing insights across products. 

The OCA is an OASIS Open Project. One of the most respected, nonprofit standards bodies in the world, OASIS supports community collaboration on open source and open standards. OASIS holds direct submitter status with ISO, IEC, ITU, and similar bodies worldwide. OASIS conforms to international public policy requirements for open development and is often cited as a model for interoperability by governments. 

OCA advances a growing body of work, which currently includes the STIX Shifter patterning library, OpenDXL Ontology messaging format, and the prototype implementation of the NIST SCAP v2 architecture. 

We’re excited to join a growing list of cybersecurity companies aligned in OCA’s mission: