Intelligence Management Community Edition


a no-cost toolkit for our verified Community Intelligence Sharing Group users for collection, searching and ad-hoc enrichment

Improve Intelligence Management and Sharing 

Splunk Intelligence Management offers a free Community Edition plan for all ISAC/ISAO member organizations to utilize our intelligence integration and automation platform. The easy-to-use platform allows members to manage and share threat intelligence - providing timely, actionable, and relevant information among the trusted sharing community.

Easier, more informed Intelligence sharing

How It Works

Community Edition
Enclave - Community

Enclaves for Data Governance


Cloud-Based Data Repositories For Internal And External Intelligence

Manage user permissions and control proprietary flows of intelligence to tools and teams. Each Community Edition plan includes a private enclave for users to ingest, filter, and enrich their own data as well as access to ISAO/ISAC shared Vetted Enclaves for member organizations to share curated data. Users can share vetted indicators enclave-to-enclave with just a few clicks, and redaction can be applied for any PII not to be included.

Actionable Intelligence


Customize And Control The Flow of Data

Users can easily synchronize report information available in Splunk Intelligence Management with the monitoring tools and analysis workflows used in their infrastructures. Our Community Edition plan comes with 300 RestFUL API/TAXII calls per day.



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