COVID-19 Intelligence Briefing

the latest intelligence on covid-19 phishing & malware attacks

Adversaries are exploiting the global Coronavirus pandemic, flooding enterprises and consumers alike with COVID-19-related malware and phishing scams.

In an effort to help security teams Defend Better Together, TruSTAR has partnered with the intelligence teams at IBM X-Force IRIS, Intel471, AT&T AlienLabs, and BAE Systems to set-up an OSINT Community Enclave on the TruSTAR platform to share and track observables related to COVID-19 exploits. 

Leaders from TruSTAR, IBM X-Force IRIS, Intel471, and BAE Systems will convene on a webinar panel and comment on their latest intelligence related to COVID-19.


Patrick-Coughlin_Webinar NICK-ROSSMANN_WEBINAR


  • What trends are you seeing today?
  • How have phishing and malware attack patterns evolved?
  • How would you advise security operators and leaders to stay above the noise?
  • What's next? How do you see this evolving in the coming weeks?
This panel took place on:
Thursday, April 2
8:00 A.M. PT / 11:00 A.M. ET