COVID-19 OSINT Project




Track COVID-19 Observables With TruSTAR, IBM X-Force IRIS, AlienVault, Intel471, CTI League, BAE Systems, Bitdefender, & Microsoft


COVID-19 Enclave Partners

Adversaries are exploiting the global Coronavirus pandemic, flooding enterprises and consumers alike with COVID-19-related malware and phishing scams.

In an effort to help security teams Defend Better Together, TruSTAR and partners have set-up an OSINT Community Enclave on the TruSTAR platform to share and track observables related to COVID-19 exploits.


Figure 1. Image of Report View on TruSTAR Platform.

Vetted Intelligence

The IBM X-Force IRIS team is leading the effort of curating an initial corpus of relevant observables related to COVID-19 and published them to the COVID-19 Open Source Enclave. Data will be updated every 24 hours.

Consume & Contribute

All TruSTAR and IBM Enterprise Intelligence Management platform users have access to the COVID-19 OSINT Enclave. We encourage you to consume this data set via the following tools:

Community Users
  • TruSTAR Station Login/Search
  • Google Chrome App
  • Slack App
Enterprise Users
  • Configure integrations with your detection, incident response, and orchestration tools to include known COVID-19 observables as a source for enrichment.


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