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Paying steep prices by the seat makes no sense when your mission is to build a more connected universe of security teams. Instead, we charge by the Enclave. Customers tell us we provide a superior product that can be 2-3x more cost effective than other threat intelligence platforms. If you're already a member of one of our existing ISAC/ISAO partners, we have a no-cost option that lets you dip your toes in the water.

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No-Cost Option
Operationalize Your ISAC/ISAO Data

We are determined to offer a no-cost option that is designed to advance our collective security mission. If you’re a member of an ISAC or an ISAO, you can immediately gain access to our API, SIEM Apps, and UI for easy multi-source searching and graph-based link-analysis across our growing network of open and ISAC/ISAO sources.

Private Enclaves
Scale Your Security Operations

Our Enclave model powers intelligence into security teams of all sizes and levels of sophistication. Smaller teams that are just beginning to leverage intelligence can start quickly with a single Enclave, while companies with more advanced operations across multiple distributed teams, data streams and access control needs can spin-up multiple Enclaves to suit your needs. 

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