Tackle Intelligence Management with

H-ISAC & TruSTAR Training Session

As a member of H-ISAC, you have a plethora of benefits but did you know you have an intelligence management platform for FREE? 

H-ISAC's Community Plus platform, powered by TruSTAR, is an easy-to-use Intelligence Management platform that allows you to leverage the unique intel available through H-ISAC and enrich it with your active security investigations. 

What is Intelligence Management, you ask? And how can I get access to it?

Join the TruSTAR team for this educational session to help you to:

  • Learn why H-ISAC offers this benefit and how to access
    H-ISAC intel automatically
  • Understand what Intelligence Management is and how it can improve your security operations and investigations
  • Get started with one-to-one support to get your whole security team educated

TruSTAR speakers include:

  • Choo Kim-Isgitt, Head of Product Marketing and Partnerships
  • Cole Lisko, Intel Engineer
  • Tyler Bent, Community Manager
This training session took place on:
Wednesday, March 25
8:00 A.M. PST / 11:00 A.M. EST