TruSTAR IR & Intel Training Session:

IBM Resilient | IBM QRadar | XF IRIS | TruSTAR

Tackle Intelligence Management with IBM Resilient, IBM QRadar, XF IRIS, and TruSTAR

Connect your IBM tools using TruSTAR to operationalize intelligence throughout your workflow. 

Whether investigating and responding to a phishing email, SIEM alert, ticket, or fraudulent transaction, security analysts need as much information as possible to make informed decisions and act quickly. 

In this interactive workflow demo, TruSTAR and IBM intelligence architects will walk you through sample incident response workflows using the TruSTAR and IBM’s suite of tools.  Learn how to leverage TruSTAR to operationalize X-Force IRIS Premier Threat Intelligence within IBM QRadar and Reslient.

This training session took place on:
Tuesday, February 11, 2020

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Training: Everything You Need to Know About Phishing Triage 

Phishing emails are time-consuming to triage. Learn how to create a phishing repository using TruSTAR's email ingest feature to help your team more easily correlate known-bad entities. 

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Training: Case Management Workflow & Best Practices

When investigating and responding to alerts, security analysts need maximum context to make an informed decision on next steps as quickly as possible. Learn case management workflow best practices through TruSTAR's ServiceNow integrations.

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Splunk ES Workflow Training

Stop drinking from the SIEM alert firehose. By taking an in-depth look at TruSTAR's new Splunk ES integration, attendees can learn how to respond to alerts faster by learning best practices on prioritizing investigations based on context and severity.

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Training: How to Prioritize Investigations Using Enrichment

Sometimes the hardest part of triage is knowing where to start. In this interactive workflow demo, TruSTAR intelligence architects will teach you how to combine alerts and tickets from your SIEM and Case Management tools and prioritize them within the TruSTAR platform using new scoring and filtering features.

This live training session will take place on Tuesday, January 28, 2020.

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New Feature Training: Announcing New Phishing Triage Tool from TruSTAR

TruSTAR's new Phishing Triage tool aggregates and normalizes scores from different intelligence sources, then can automatically send malicious IOCs back into SIEM or detection tools. Learn how to use this new feature in this live interactive training.

This live training session will take place on Tuesday, March 10, 2020.

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