Advance Your Demisto Investigations with The Most Relevant Threat Data

TruSTAR's Demisto integration allows you to submit your open cases into TruSTAR, allowing for automatic enrichment of case management data with other intelligence sources.

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Empower Your Analyst Workflow

TruSTAR’s Demisto integration automatically sends triggered playbook tasks to the TruSTAR platform for enrichment, and then sends back deep-link information to reports in Demisto. Analysts can search indicators on TruSTAR from directly within Demisto to get relevant data throughout every step of your workflow.

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Benefits Added

Our Demisto integration saves analysts time by allowing users to:

  • Enrich intelligence in Demisto cases via sources within TruSTAR (OSINT, commercial feeds, and internal intelligence)
  • Submit open Demisto cases into TruSTAR and receive deep-links to reports in Demisto.
  • Automate end-to-end intelligence gathering to support incident investigations within Demisto.

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Your View in Demisto

Our integration allows users to run 13 different commands within Demisto’s War Room, helping analysts create Demisto playbooks and automate intelligence gathering.

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Simple Configuration

After downloading the TruSTAR integration from Demisto’s integration store, just copy and paste the API keys from your TruSTAR settings into Phantom. Once a connection has been established, the integration is ready for use.

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