Defend Faster by Automatically Enriching Your IBM QRadar Threat Intelligence


TruSTAR’s QRadar app easily enables the ingestion of OSINT, commercial intelligence feeds, and your case management data into your QRadar instance.

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Accelerate Your Workflow

IBM QRadar offers a flexible and powerful SIEM platform with extensive out-of-the-box content for a broad selection of use cases. TruSTAR’s QRadar integration helps analysts uncover additional context and enrichment by querying TruSTAR IOCs and incidents within their QRadar workflow.  Analysts can search indicators on TruSTAR from directly within QRadar to uncover timely, relevant data throughout every step of an analyst workflow.

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Benefits Added

TruSTAR’s QRadar integration enables:

  • Faster decision making by helping analysts surface, enrich, and organize intelligence to save investigative time and resources. 
  • Automatic data ingestion and normalization for improved enrichment and context during investigations.
  • Search on TruSTAR for all indicators correlated to an event of interest from within QRadar
  • Populate QRadar reference lists with indicators from TruSTAR

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Your View in QRadar

Pushing security events to TruSTAR for enrichment is simple. Just click the "Send to TruSTAR" button in the top navigation from within QRadar for automatic ingestion.

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Simple Configuration

We've built the integration to be as easy to setup and configure as the joint solution is to use. Grab your API keys and related QRadar and TruSTAR server info to get started.

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TruSTAR QRadar Integration Demo

See how data flows between QRadar and TruSTAR for a more streamlined workflow.


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