Bring Relevant Data to Each Stage of Your Workflow with TruSTAR's IBM Resilient Integration


TruSTAR’s IBM Resilient app easily enables the ingestion of OSINT, commercial intelligence, and your own case management data into your IBM Resilient instance.

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Designed to Accelerate Your Workflow

TruSTAR’s IBM Resilient integration helps analysts uncover additional context and enrichment by querying TruSTAR IOCs and incidents within their Resilient workflow. TruSTARs Integration with Resilient greatly improves the time to response for SOC and IR analyst by ingesting correlated intelligence from external and internal sources from TruSTAR into their Resilient tickets all in near real-time.

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Added Benefits

Our IBM Resilient integration is designed to help security teams speed their workflows by helping identify high priority indicators. Analysts can identify indicators that have a high-risk score associated with them using the TruSTAR integration with the Resilient Threat Sources.

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Your View in IBM Resilient

Pushing your Resilient incidents to TruSTAR for enrichment is simple. Just click the "Send to TruSTAR" button in the top navigation from within Resilient and our integration will send your threat data for enrichment.

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Visualize IBM Resilient Incidents on TruSTAR

IBM Resilient events are shown as nodes within TruSTAR’s graph analysis view so that you can easily explore correlations between your events and your other intelligence sources. Click on any data point to reveal additional context that links directly to the associated report in your Resilient portal, allowing for easy additional research when needed.

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