Operationalize Your Intel471 Intelligence Through TruSTAR

TruSTAR’s Intel471 integration instantly correlates indicators from your internal event data with the custom threat intelligence compiled through your Intel471 subscription(s).

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Enrich Your Investigations

Our integration saves you both time and stress by automatically ingesting and showing correlations of your tailored intelligence data from Intel471 (including malware intelligence, adversary intelligence and the alerts watchlist) to your internal event data. Your analysts will save time, only needing to switch their focus between platforms when an exposed correlation requires additional investigation, and our embedded links are optimized to point directly to the associated report for a streamlined process.

Visual Correlations

Intel471 enrichment opportunities are shown as nodes within your event analysis as correlations on the visual analysis within TruSTAR. Clicking on any data point will reveal additional context and links directly to the associated report in the Intel471 portal, allowing for streamlined research when needed.

Easy Setup

Intel471 data is simple to integrate. Within your TruSTAR station account, access the integration through the marketplace, put in your Intel471 API key(s) and your data will be readily accessible soon.


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Malware Intelligence

Alerts Watchlist

Adversary Intelligence

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