Bring High Quality Threat Intelligence into Your LogRhythm Workflow


TruSTAR’s LogRhythm app enables the ingestion of OSINT, commercial intelligence feeds, and case management data into your LogRhythm instance.

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Advance Your Investigations

The TruSTAR LogRhythm integration saves you time by automatically sending alerts to the TruSTAR platform for additional enrichment with other intelligence sources. If you prefer to query TruSTAR enrichment data directly from the LogRhythm Threat Intelligence Service platform, that is possible as well.

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Added Benefits

The TruSTAR LogRhythm integration enables:

  • Automatic synchronization between LogRhythm and TruSTAR services.  Security teams are able to prevent, detect, and respond against attacks faster, keeping your organization’s infrastructure secure. 
  • Enrichment between your LogRhythm feed and other intelligence sources via TruSTAR. 

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Getting More Out of LogRhythm Events in TruSTAR

LogRhythm events are shown as nodes within TruSTAR’s graph analysis view so that you can easily explore correlations between your events and your other intelligence sources. Click on any data point to reveal additional context that links directly to the associated report in your LogRhythm portal, allowing for easy additional research when needed.


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Simple Configuration

TruSTAR’s robust STIX/TAXII compatibility enables the integration with LogRhythm’s Threat Intelligence Service.  Since TruSTAR data is discoverable thought a TAXII service endpoint, LogRhythm users can take full advantage of TruSTAR’s high-quality intelligence data natively in-app. TruSTAR also has a SmartResponse module to send events to the platform for additional enrichment.

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