Enrich Your ServiceNow Workflow With the Most Relevant Threat Intelligence Data


TruSTAR’s ServiceNow integration helps you to ingest, monitor, and investigate your ServiceNow findings within your TruSTAR Enclave.

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Designed For Your Workflow

TruSTAR’s ServiceNow integration can automatically send triggered alerts to the TruSTAR platform for enrichment, and then send back deep-link information to reports in ServiceNow. Analysts can search indicators on TruSTAR from directly within ServiceNow to provide you with relevant data throughout every step of your workflow.

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Added Benefits

Our integration saves analysts time by allowing users to:

  • Enrich intelligence in ServiceNow cases via sources within TruSTAR (OSINT,  commercial feeds, and internal intelligence)
  • Submit open cases into TruSTAR and receive deep link information to report back into ServiceNow
  • Automate end-to-end intelligence gathering to support incident investigations within ServiceNow

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Getting More Out of ServiceNow Findings in TruSTAR

Reports and IOCs submitted via ServiceNow are shown as nodes within TruSTAR’s graph analysis view, allowing users to easily identify trends and patterns between reports and IOCs submitted via your other intelligence sources. Users can click on data points in the graph to reveal additional context, allowing for easy additional research when needed. With other TruSTAR integrations, users can also integrate enriched data submitted from ServiceNow into their other security tools already in place.

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Simple Configuration

We've built the integration to be as easy to setup and configure as the joint solution is to use. Getting started is as easy as installing TruSTAR’s add-on within Jira, then copying and pasting the API keys found in your TruSTAR Station.

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Workflow Demo

See how intelligence flows between ServiceNow and TruSTAR for streamlined investigations.


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