TruSTAR Intel Workflows


No-code way to create pipelines that automatically transform and curate data from your intel sources to make it actionable for automation in detection and response.


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Turbocharge your SOAR investments with TruSTAR Intel Workflows

Traditionally, security leaders have had to rely on teams of trained analysts spending many hours a day doing the data janitor work or investing in large, multiyear data engineering projects. TruSTAR users can easily select intelligence sources, including open source, premium intel providers and collections of historical events and alerts, apply priority scores, Safelists and filtering based on indicator types or attributes and submit prepared data into vetted Enclaves or a suite of enterprise workflow applications.

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Create Prioritization Pipelines

One tool to manage intelligence data including collection, preparation, and output into workflow tools. Set-up and manage multiple intelligence workflows tailored for a team’s specific use case, intel source profile and a variety of destinations and integrations.

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Automated data preparation, normalization and scoring for multiple internal and external sources.
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Cross-source validation and Indicator Prioritization.


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Customizable source weights that influence indicator priority scores.
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Normalized score and context make teams faster and more effective at making security decisions.

Use Cases

TruSTAR’s Unified Intel API provides a single point of integration through TruSTAR’s fully RESTful API and Python SDK, supporting all standard data structures and use-case oriented endpoints.


Fine tune and filter detection sets by type, safelist, and priority scores to reduce false positives.


Intelligence pipelines support automation across teams, tools, and organizations.


Normalize context and indicator priority scores across multiple sources for ticket enrichment.

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