Industry Spotlight: Solutions for IT & Cloud

IT and Cloud

The TruSTAR Enterprise Intelligence Management (EIM) platform operationalizes internal and external data sources through an ecosystem of partner integrations to help security teams make better decisions faster. 

This datasheet shows how IT & Cloud enterprises can get the most out of their security stack and also highlights how IBM Cloud was able to connect their disparate security tools by using TruSTAR to manage, fuse, and operationalize all of their intelligence.

TruSTAR At-A-Glance

Using TruSTAR, IT & Cloud enterprises can:

  • Leverage intelligence across tickets, alerts, and cases to speed detection and investigative response times, revealing new enrichment potential.

  • Operationalize external data sources with leading SIEM, Case Management, and Orchestration integrations for seamless workflow.

  • Facilitate intelligence exchange and collaboration with peers, partners, ISACs/ISAOs, and supply chain partners all in one platform.