LA Cyber Lab COVID-19 Intelligence Training

the latest intelligence on covid-19 phishing & malware attacks
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Adversaries are exploiting the global Coronavirus pandemic, flooding enterprises and consumers alike with COVID-19-related phishing scams. Since the pandemic broke, TruSTAR has seen a major uptick in the number of suspicious emails submitted to the Cyber Lab.
As a member of LA CyberLab you receive FREE access to TruSTAR's Intelligence Management platform and COVID-19 OSINT Project, which hosts vetted COVID-19 TLP White intelligence, curated by IBM X-Force IRIS, BAE Systems, AT&T AlienLabs, Intel471, CTI League, and more.
During this training, LACL members will learn how to:
  • Forward to suspicious emails via TruSTAR's Enclave Inbox, helping you automatically ingest, normalize, and enrich suspicious emails with relevant intelligence.
  • Enrich and investigate reports with OSINT and Premium Intelligence sources, including our curated COVID-19 dataset.
  • Share and track observables related to COVID-19 exploits with LA Cyber Lab peers. 
This training took place on:
Tuesday, may 5
9:00 A.M. PT / 12:00 p.M. ET