TruSTAR Phishing Triage


Automatically ingest, extract, normalize, prioritize, and take action on observables from user-reported suspicious emails.


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Automate Phishing Response 

TruSTAR’s Phishing Triage solution is designed for skilled security analysts seeking to remove manual, time-consuming tasks associated with the traditional triage process for user-reported suspicious emails

TruSTAR automatically ingests suspicious emails and enriches them with normalized scores from 15+ of your intelligence sources to create a Priority Score, helping analysts surface the most relevant events for automated or human-in-the-loop investigation workflows.

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Leverage Priority Scores For Faster Triage

  • Generate Normalized Indicator Scores from 15+ Premium Intelligence sources to get an email Priority Score of High, Medium, Low.
  • Leverage Normalized Indicator Scores and Priority Scores for automated detection workflows and orchestration playbooks.
  • Use Priority Score for human-in-the-loop investigations and intervention, helping analysts surface the most relevant emails and reduce email response fatigue.
  • More about TruSTAR scoring.

Use Cases

TruSTAR Phishing Triage integrates with the following applications.

Power Orchestration & Dissemination

Leverage High, Medium, Low Priority Scores to trigger Orchestration playbooks. Scoring and Unified API reduce playbook complexity. Automatically deliver indicators from confirmed malicious emails to tools and peers. 

Compatible with Demisto.

Improve Detection 

Optimize detection workflows for better accuracy. Automate the matching of highly-scored indicators into your SIEM to create efficiencies across your team. Customize data ingest preferences to reduce false positive rate.

Compatible with Splunk, Splunk ES, IBM QRadar, and LogRhythm.

Speed Investigations

Accelerate triage by leveraging Priority Scores to surface the most relevant user-reported suspicious emails. Reduce the manual process of collecting context by automating enrichment between suspicious emails and internal / external intelligence sources.

Compatible with ServiceNow and IBM Resilient.

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