Phishing Emails Are Painful

TruSTAR can help you deal with them easier, faster and more effectively.


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How It Works

  • Suspicious emails are sent to an internal email alias (e.g. or to an existing phishing management tool (i.e. Phishme) through existing in-app functions.
  • The email is automatically forwarded to a custom TruSTAR email address (e.g. that automatically ingests the email data into a Private Enclave.
  • All IOCs are automatically extracted from the forwarded email and normalized within the report on TruSTAR.
  • Extracted IOCs are correlated against any available data sources, and exposed in a graph visualization for easy investigation and triage.
  • Through source scoring and indicator prioritization, analysts are able to triage and investigate with confidence.

Benefits seen by our customers:

  • Faster time to mitigation - Reduce investigation time spent per event by responding faster to new items in their queue.
  • Increased confidence - Correlate phishing IOCs against all trusted internal and external data sources to confidently make decisions with the most relevant data available.
  • Less redundancy - Don’t bother investigating domains or IPs that have already been marked as malicious. TruSTAR surfaces IOC correlations from completed investigations so that you can take advantage of tribal knowledge from your team.

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