TruSTAR Phishing Triage Solution Brief

Automatically ingest, extract, normalize, prioritize, and take action on observables from user-reported suspicious emails.

TruSTAR automatically ingests suspicious emails and enriches them with normalized scores from 15+ of your intelligence sources to create a Priority Score, helping analysts surface the most relevant events for automated or human-in-the-loop investigation workflows.

  • Power Orchestration & Dissemination - Leverage High, Medium, Low Priority Scores to trigger Orchestration playbooks. Priority Scores and Unified API reduce playbook complexity. Deliver indicators from confirmed malicious emails to tools and peers.
  • Improve Detection - Optimize detection workflows for better accuracy. Automate the matching of highly-scored indicators into your SIEM to create efficiencies across your team. Customize data ingest preferences to reduce false positive rate.
  • Speed Investigations -  Accelerate triage by leveraging Priority Scores to surface the most relevant user-reported suspicious emails. Reduce the manual process of collecting context by automating enrichment between suspicious emails and internal / external intelligence sources.