Intelligence Management Enables

Data-Centric Security Automation


How TruSTAR Stacks Up


Prioritize Investigations With Scoring

Leverage Normalized Indicator Scores from 16+ Premium Intelligence sources to get a Priority Score of Low, Medium, High.

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Intel Pipelines Power Playbooks

Prepare, transform, and prioritize intelligence upstream from your core detect and respond apps. 

Normalize scores from different intel sources, events, and observables to surface the highest fidelity signal for action.

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Search With Confidence & Context

Better results = More informed decisions. TruSTAR provides advanced filtering options to search across Indicators and Reports, giving you rapid access to the intel you need.


Streamlined Workflow Integrations

TruSTAR helps security teams control data inputs and outputs. Our platform enriches events with multiple sources of intelligence to automate the dissemination of enriched intelligence to various tools and teams.


Achieve Data Governance With Enclaves

Manage user permissions and control proprietary flows of intelligence to tools and teams. Seamlessly sync proprietary intel with customer-facing Enclaves using tags or other attributes.


We Make Our Customers Heros