Enrich and Manage the World’s Intelligence

TruSTAR is building a platform that operationalizes internal and external data sources through an ecosystem of integrations to help you gain control of your data.

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Streamlined Workflow Integrations

Industry-leading integration partners connect with TruSTAR to enrich analyst investigations, connecting internal and external data sources. Analysts can work in-app or native to TruSTAR, depending on workflow needs.


Secure Access Control

TruSTAR Enclaves help you manage your intelligence according to team or use case. Each Enclave provides secure, role-based access to specific intel sources when, where, and how you need it.


Advanced Search

Better results = More informed decisions. TruSTAR provides advanced filtering options to search across IOCs and reports, giving you rapid access to the intel you need.


Automated Data Ingest & Normalization

No matter how you get your intelligence, we help you operationalize it with minimal lift. Our automatic ingest, extraction, and normalization of unstructured data helps you correlate intel sources quickly and easily.


Get the Right Intelligence When You Need It

TruSTAR is an intelligence management platform that helps you surface, enrich, and organize intelligence to save investigative time and resources. We give you confidence knowing TruSTAR has delivered the most relevant intelligence.


Workflow Interoperability

SDKs and REST APIs enable integrations with SIEMs, orchestration, ticketing, and case management tools, creating a seamless workflow


Data Normalization

Automatically ingest, extract, and normalize structured and unstructured data, helping analysts fuse and correlate every data source possible.


Secure Access Control

Granular user permissions facilitate intelligence exchange while protecting privacy and honoring compliance requirements.


Whitelisting & Redaction

TruSTAR uses ML to power its auto-redaction and whitelisting features, helping analyst teams cut down on false positives, enabling faster triage.


Advanced Search

SDKs and REST APIs enable integrations with SIEMs, orchestration, ticketing, and case management tools, creating a seamless workflow. 


Graph Visualization

TruSTAR visualizations convey the relationships between indicators and reports, aiding with link- analysis and giving context to enrichment.