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Streamline Your Analysis Workflow with Private Enclaves

Each company has their own unique access control and privacy requirements when it comes to cyber investigations. TruSTAR accommodates for that with a flexible knowledge management system called Enclaves, a secure data repository and staging environment for private enterprises and sharing groups. Learn more.

Enrich Your Data With Cross-Platform Correlations

TruSTAR’s machine learning models leverage insights from users across the platform to surface relevant data faster. Our recommendation tools improve search results, provide context for correlations, reduce false positives, and decrease uncertainty in investigations. Learn more.

Surface Your Most Relevant Intelligence with Custom Dashboards

Dashboards help analysts locate reports and IOCs most relevant to your organization to make faster, more informed decisions about threats and investigations. Learn more.

Discover New Context with IOC Search

Ideal for incident triage and threat hunting, Search surfaces cases, IOCs and threat activity across all accessible data sources. Seeing the results as a visualization makes it easier to pinpoint interesting patterns and quickly assess the full scope of your analysis. Learn more.

Collaborate With Peers Using Notes, Custom Tags & Chat

Intelligence reports are much more useful when you can easily share them with peers. Take your knowledge management a step further with Custom Tags that let you use internal naming schemes. Flag interesting reports to peers using Notes. Get instant feedback on investigations through Chat. Learn more.

Hunt Threats Faster With SOC Integrations

UI when you want it, APIs when you don’t. TruSTAR integrates with your existing SIEM, ticketing, case management, and orchestration tools to automate incident response and speed triage. Wrangle unwieldy open and closed source intel feeds and ISAC/ISAO group listservs by importing them to one, centralized cloud-based platform. Learn more.

Protect PII with Auto-Redaction

When sharing outside of your Enclave, our auto-redaction feature helps you control visibility and attribution. Analysts can easily remove sensitive and confidential information from reports before sharing with peers and partners.

Speed Analyst Investigation Cycles with Graph Visualizations

We represent threat intelligence data the way a human analyst actually looks at it. TruSTAR’s visualizations and link analysis give you the WHY and HOW of threat events by showing you how IOCs connect to threats inside and beyond your Enclave. Learn more.

TruSTAR is trusted to power intelligence-driven security operations by a global network of analyst teams from the Fortune 500 and beyond.

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