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Every team juggles different priorities when it comes to cyber and risk investigations. TruSTAR’s flexible Enclave architecture solves the challenges of security and fraud teams with enriched intelligence.

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Intelligence Fusion 

Cyber, fraud, and physical security teams are converging into Fusion Centers. TruSTAR’s holistic approach to intelligence management helps organizations fuse multiple data sources together for better enrichment. Enclaves help teams manage their workflows by use case, helping analysts stitch together multiple security tools and data streams with ease. 

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Fraud & Risk Management

Bad actors use the same packaged and stolen identities to spin up fraudulent accounts as they do to wage cyber attacks. With TruSTAR, security operations teams can work closely with fraud and abuse teams to share IOCs related to fraud and blacklist them, translating into a significant increase of account shutdowns, tying directly to revenue saved and annual risk avoidance. 

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Incident Response

During incident response, every second counts. Sometimes operations teams operate with different sets of assumptions during triage, resulting in duplication of work and revalidation of results. TruSTAR fuses case management data into investigations via integrations like ServiceNow and IBM Resilient, empowering analysts with valuable historical data they can use to enrich and validate events with confidence, speeding escalation.

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Orchestration & Automation

TruSTAR integrates with leading orchestration vendors like Phantom and Demisto to enhance playbooks and fuse these new automated data streams with other intelligence sources and manual workflows. Organizations can keep orchestration workflows intact by using Enclaves, which enable intelligence to be correlated and distributed throughout their wider security operations. 

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Phishing & Ransomware Triage

Email continues to be the #1 attack vector for phishing and ransomware campaigns. This wreaks havoc on SOC team productivity, where analysts must individually review each and every email flagged by employees and email security tools. With TruSTAR, security teams can create a designated phishing Enclave to vet potentially malicious emails and correlate phishing IOCs across historical data logged in case management and SIEM tools, cutting down on duplicative work and quickly surfacing known-bad offenders. 

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