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Learn how fortune 500 retailer PVH tackles Phishing Triage & Intelligence Management

Download our recording of special conversation with guests Nicholas Zaky, Senior Director of Security Operations, and Mike Ekladious, Senior Cyber Security Analyst, at Fortune 500 Retailer PVH.


Boasting popular consumer brands such as Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, PVH's many retail email domains are attractive targets for cybercriminals. The security operations center (SOC) team began seeing increased commoditized phishing attempts across their brand network.

In response, the PVH team tapped TruSTAR to help to automate and accelerate their team’s phishing investigations as well as manage PVH's multiple intelligence sources.

PVH will give an overview of how they run security operations, such as:

  • Intelligence Management - Learn how PVH leverages context from internal and external intelligence sources, including RH-ISAC.
  • Phishing Triage - Hear about how PVH leverages automation and custom scripting to accelerate triage.
  • Vetted Enclaves - See how PVH uses TruSTAR’s Enclave architecture to organize vetted intelligence.

In this webinar we opened up the floor and allowed listeners to ask Mike about how PVH approaches phishing triage and how his team leverages TruSTAR to increase automation and reduce manual investigations.

This webcast took place on:
Thursday, may 7, 2020