Free Access to RH-ISAC’s Intelligence Exchange


Operationalize Your RH-ISAC & OSINT Data

TruSTAR is the tech infrastructure that powers RH-ISAC's threat intelligence exchange. Our platform gives RH-ISAC members one central destination to analyze and enrich the most relevant data sources to you. 

With TruSTAR you can:

  • Ingest and operationalize intelligence from the RH-ISAC community and 20+ OSINT sources into your SIEM.
  • Surface your most relevant intelligence with custom Dashboards that mine historical incident data correlations to make faster, more informed decisions about relevant threats.
  • Search and navigate through the latest reports to access meta information like the number of IOCs extracted, excerpts of report content, correlation counts, time of submission, and other relevant high-level information.
  • Visualize correlations from RH-ISAC listserv and OSINT data with intuitive UI and graph database technology.
  • Easily submit and share reports among RH-ISAC members, with built-in redaction features to remove sensitive PII.