TruSTAR Service Level Agreements

1) Service Levels and Credits 

a) Definitions. The following definitions apply to the support service levels. 

i) "Support Request Tier" is an indicator as to how the support ticket will be handled, based on the severity. The severity of each request will be determined by the TruSTAR support analyst based on the information provided by the Client in the request. 

ii) "Response Times" means the time in which TruSTAR guarantees a response from a TruSTAR support analyst regarding solutions, additional details needed, or next steps. The time to resolve any specific ticket will be dependent on the issue, and estimates will be provided on a case by case basis. 

iii) "Example of Support Issues" is meant to provide examples of scenarios in which a ticket would be classified according to the stated support request tiers. 


b) In any scenario in which TruSTAR fails to meet the availability and or response times as noted above, Client will be eligible for a "Service Credit" according to the following: 
  • Tier 1 - For every 4 hours past the 4 hour turnaround, Client is eligible for 1 Service Credit 
  • Tier 2- For every 24 hours past the 24 hour turnaround, Client is eligible for 1 Service Credit 
  • Tier 3 - For every 48 hours past the 48 hour turnaround, Client is eligible for 1 Service Credit 

2) Availability

For every .05% deviation from the Uptime commitment during a complete 24 hour period, Client is eligible for 1 Service Credit.

c) For each redeemed Service Credit by Client, TruSTAR will extend contract period by a number of days equal to the total number of Service Credits redeemed.

d) Service Credits will automatically be posted to Client's account with TruSTAR.

e) Maximum Service Credit. 

  • The aggregate maximum number of Service Credits to be issued by TruSTAR to Client for all issues that occur in a single calendar year shall not exceed thirty (30) days of Services added to the end of Client's term for the Services. Service Credits may not be exchanged for or converted to monetary amounts or transferred to another party.