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Learn how to use TruSTAR according to use case or integration type.

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Orchestration Workflow & Best Practices 

Orchestration tools can be powerful force-multipliers for SOC and threat intel teams, but too often playbooks are left sitting on the shelf because they are too complicated to set-up or data is not properly prepared. In this training demo, TruSTAR will demonstrate orchestration workflow best practices via TruSTAR's new Demisto v2 integrations.

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Customer Spotlight: PVH Corp. Security Operations Leaders

Boasting popular retail consumer brands such as Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, PVH's many email domains are attractive targets for cybercriminals. Join us for a special conversation with PVH's security leaders as they discuss how they use TruSTAR to run their corporation's security operations.

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New Phishing Triage Panel Demo

By aggregating and normalizing scores from 16+ Premium Intelligence sources, TruSTAR's brand new Phishing Triage Panel gives Priority Scores of Low, Medium, or High to suspicious user-reported emails and allows users to triage them directly within TruSTAR. Learn about TruSTAR's Phishing Triage Panel's user cases and features and see it in action in this webinar. 

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COVID-19 Intelligence Briefing

Adversaries are exploiting the global Coronavirus pandemic, flooding enterprises and consumers alike with COVID-19-related malware and phishing scams. Join leaders from TruSTAR, IBM X-Force IRIS, Intel471, and BAE Systems as they discuss the latest trends related to the pandemic.

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H-ISAC & TruSTAR Training Session

H-ISAC's Community Plus platform, powered by TruSTAR, is an easy-to-use Intelligence Management platform that allows H-ISAC members to leverage the unique intel available through H-ISAC and enrich it with your active security investigations. Join us to understand what Intelligence Management is and how Community Plus can improve your security operations and investigations.

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Data Enrichment & Investigation Prioritization

Sometimes the hardest part of triage is knowing where to start. Learn how to combine alerts and tickets from your SIEM and Case Management tools and prioritize them with TruSTAR.

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TruSTAR + IBM Incident Response & Intel Worfklow

Whether investigating and responding to a phishing email, SIEM alert, ticket, or fraudulent transaction, security analysts need as much information as possible to make informed decisions and act quickly. Learn how to connect your IBM tools using TruSTAR to operationalize intelligence throughout your workflow. 

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Phishing Triage

Phishing emails are time-consuming to triage. Learn how to create a phishing repository using TruSTAR's email ingest feature to help your team more easily correlate known-bad entities. 

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Case Management

When investigating and responding to alerts, security analysts need maximum context to make an informed decision on next steps as quickly as possible. Learn case management workflow best practices through TruSTAR's ServiceNow integrations.

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Splunk ES

Stop drinking from the SIEM alert firehose. By taking an in-depth look at TruSTAR's new Splunk ES integration, security professionals can learn how to respond to alerts faster by learning best practices on prioritizing investigations based on context and severity.

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